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Irish Eclipse Chasers
Welcome to ecliptomaniacs.com - the website of the Irish eclipse chasers. Please click on the buttons to the left or the links below to find out more!

The group of Irish, Swedish and English eclipse chasers in China for the 22 July 2009 eclipse which we
jokingly called Operation Dim Sun. Unfortunately they were totally clouded out along with millions of others
along the track in China. A report on the Chinese trip will be added on their return when we have a look at the
photos of the overall trip.
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2006 March 29 Libya, total solar eclipse trip
2005 Oct 03 Spain, annular solar eclipse trip
2004 Apr 19 Madagascar, partial solar eclipse trip
2003 Nov 23 Antarctica, total solar eclipse
2003 Scotland eclipse trip
2002 South Africa eclipse trip
2001 Madagascar eclipse trip
1999 Bulgaria eclipse trip
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